Product's Personality

Procore’s product personality can be broken down into two pieces: voice and tone.

Procore’s Voice is the consistent personality we use throughout our product. For example, Procore’s personality is more human than robot, so no matter what we’re saying, we will never sound like a robot.

Procore’s Tone is the mood we give off, and it will change depending on context. For example, tool onboarding wizards might use a conversational tone to guide users through the process, while error messages will employ a more apologetic tone.

No matter what we’re saying, our Voice and Tone must be consistent so our product feels familiar to users, no matter where they are in our product.

Our Product's Voice


We have empathy for our users and their fast-paced job environments. We write in a way that is accessible and relevant, no matter where users are within the product or in the world. We write inclusively, with a deep understanding for our users’ personal backgrounds. Our goal is to never sound robotic or mechanical when writing for our product.


Our copy guides our users to complete complicated actions and tasks as simply as possible. We ensure our copy helps the user at all times, reducing their need for outside support. We always ask ourselves: Would this copy make sense to a brand new user?


Our copy as clear and concise as possible for our users so that they can get their jobs done on time and below budget. We’re never overly technical. We provide the exact amount of information our users need in the fewest words possible.

Our Product’s Tone

Different interactions and areas of our product call for different tones. Therefore, we should respond differently to how our users might feel in each scenario.

A good rule to follow: If you need to communicate a negative message, speak to what Procore did or is doing to fix the issue. If you need to communicate a positive message, offer encouragement and give the user credit.

Refer to content guidelines for each component on this website to help you write copy for different use cases. Use your best judgement, but above all, remain consistent, professional, and empathetic to our end users.
If you're writing...
Your tone should be...
Empty States
Active, Benefits-Focused
Confirmation Modals
Affirmative, Focused on Next Steps
Error Messages
Apologetic, Solutions-Oriented
Info Banners
Informative, Actionable

What We're Not

When writing for our product, we’re never:

• Overly Intimate
• Overly Friendly
• Unprofessional
• Verbose or Long-winded
• Patronizing
• Dry
• Funny