Data Table - Location Filter

The Location Filter allows users to filter by tiered location data within the Data Table, by one or more locations. Read on to learn more some specific details of this component.
Demo and Developer Guidelines




The location filter behaves like any other filter connected to the data table. As users select locations, the table will refresh to reflect the new query.
A row that is selected will have a light blue background and the vertical blue strip on the left most cell.


The location filter contains a typeahead search field that will update results in real time as the user types. Note that the “Select all” and “Include sublocations” rows are hidden while searching.
Example of continuous loading.

Including sublocations

The location filter includes a setting called “Include sublocations”. When this is enabled, any parent locations that are clicked will automatically have all of their children selected as well. Disabling this feature will not affect any previously selected locations.
Example of continuous loading.


Example of sort indicator icons sitting in the header of two columns.