Lists vs Tables

This doc is meant to help you decide whether or not your content should be formatted
as a list or table. To learn more about either one in more detail visit the List and Data Table pages.



Tables are comprised of items that are systematically grouped by columns. Below are some other list specific traits:

• Contains a large amount of data organized by columns
• Data can be modified extensively Allows for vertical and horizontal scrolling


A list contains related items and displays them consecutively. Below are more  traits specific to a list:

• Individual row items with pared-down data
• Row items are independent from one another
• Can drill into row for more contentVertical scrolling only
• Minimal action can be taken on a list item
• Can use images, visualizations, avatars
Example of a table with a footer.

Which Fits Your Use Case?

It’s important to decide which layout best suits the use case. The decision tree below offers some some things to consider when choosing between the two.