Links provide users with quick references to relevant Procore or affiliate websites that will provide more contextual information to a page or feature.

Links should not be used to reference a page or modal in Procore’s product. In that case, use a button.
Demo and Developer Guidelines


Link Text

Link text should clearly state where the user is being directed. Links are either title case (when referencing the title of a page) or sentence case (when indirectly referring to the page inline).

All links that reference a page by its name must match the header of the page exactly.

Character count limit: 50



Links can be used within a sentence that is linked to another page. These links are sentence case.

When a part of a sentence adequately describes the page where the user will be directed, hyperlink that word or phrase in the sentence. If you are linking to a page where a user can complete an action, the link text should always start with a verb.



Standalone links are displayed outside of the context of a sentence. These are title case, and the link text is always the title of the linked page.

In body text that includes a link, don’t tell the user to click the link. The link itself is an effective call to action, and this will make your body text more concise.