User Testing on the
Design System

On the design system team, we are responsible for testing basic component functionality and UI due to the global nature of the components we provide. The intent here is that app teams will take these components and test them within the context of their tool and come back to us with feedback.

Internal Testing

Once a component has been designed, whether an internal initiative or one that came from a design dash, it’s time to test! When we test, we make sure to create a clear plan that focuses on the usability of the component itself.

A link to any documentation around testing outcomes will be posted along with the corresponding component or pattern here, on the design guidelines site. We want to make sure this content is accessible to all designers using the design system!

Component Feedback

We welcome any and all feedback for components and patterns in the system! When providing feedback on a specific component or pattern, please reach out to the design system team via #design-system-support or joining a Design Ambassador meeting to share your findings.

Once the information has been shared, the design system will assess if the feedback would improve the component on a global scale or if it is useful as a one-off for the specific tool.