Contribute to the
Design System

Contributing is a large part of what makes a design system work! Adding patterns that may live across multiple tools means consistency that ultimately leads to a great, not to mention, streamlined user experience. As system designers, we want to help make the library work for you.

You can find more detailed information on our contribution process here.

When in Doubt, Reach Out

The ideal contribution can range widely from complex to simple; it can be a completely new pattern or a prop added to an existing one. To make sure the contribution process makes the most sense for what you want to contribute, reach out to anyone on the Design Systems Team for guidance.

Best Practices


If the component/pattern you want to contribute can affect other tools, feel free to share the designs with your Design System Ambassador. You can always directly reach out to your friendly neighborhood Design System designer.


Set up a meeting with the Design System Team and inviduals who may also want to utilize the new component/pattern. Is these meeting  can also include engineering.


Work with a systems designer and engineer to move your designs forward creating documentation.